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Elevate Grand Island

Elevate Grand Island Program Information

Elevate Grand Island offers a hands-on learning experience, intended to empower and inform Grand Island’s New American leadership. Through a 7-module program, participants will receive an introduction to Grand Island, including city, nonprofit, business, and county services. Participants will also have opportunities to connect and engage with business and community leaders, further building a welcoming community and fostering a sense of belonging. 

The target participant is a new resident of Grand Island, English learner, and has a desire to grow personally and professionally.

Elevate Grand Island’s primary objectives are:

  • Educate and inform New Americans about the city of Grand Island
  • Collect and understand cultural differences of participants
  • Develop New Americans’ professional and leadership skills
  • Connect New Americans with organizations, businesses, and agencies
  • Prepare participants for the next step of their career/vocation

Participants will be paid a $500 stipend to offset personal expenses. Graduates of the program are eligible for a $1,000 professional development scholarship. These dollars may be used for continuing education classes, professional development programs, like the Leadership Tomorrow program, or for other training opportunities. Scholarship dollars must be used within 21 months of Elevate Grand Island program graduation to ensure immediate investment in participants’ personal growth.

Contact the Leadership Unlimited office for more details.

Spring 2024 Dates

  • March 10 10-12pm [Orientation]
  • March 13 9am-12pm 
  • March 20  9am-12pm
  • March 27 9am-12pm 
  • April 3 9am-12pm 
  • April 10 9am-12pm 
  • April 17 9am-12pm 
  • April 24 9am-12pm 

History of the Program

Elevate Grand Island was developed through a collaborative effort between the Multicultural Coalition, Adult Education of Central Community College, and the Heartland United Way. These organizations were seeking to answer the question: How do we meet the needs of our underrepresented communities in Grand Island? The answer to this question was found in creating leadership development and learning opportunities that were uniquely tailored to the immigrant experience. Through focus groups with community leaders and potential participants, these organizations found both need for and support of the concept. Together they approached Leadership Unlimited to operate the program as it aligns with our mission and opportunities already in place.

Thank you!

The 2023 Elevate Grand Island program was made possible through financial support from the following partners. 

  • Greater Grand Island Community Foundation
  • Heartland United Way
  • John and Diane Scott
  • The Lincoln Asian Community Center
  • The Sherwood Foundation