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LT Executive Series: Strength's Based Management

Thursday, February 17, 2022
8:30 am11:30 am

Engaged employees are more productive, resilient, and less likely to quit. Research shows a strengths-based approach to leadership improves employee engagement and build the capacity of your organization. Using Gallup’s CliftonStrengths framework, this session will provide the foundation upon which you can build a strengths-based culture in your organization that results in greater motivation, higher levels of trust, and increased innovation and productivity.

Participants will learn
• the basics of building strengths-based teams,
• how a focus on strengths is an essential business strategy to drive improved performance,
• how leaders can purposefully leverage their own unique talents to address the universal follower needs of trust, stability, hope, and compassion.

This session highlights how leaders can have a profound impact on employee engagement by understanding and leveraging the natural talents and abilities of each employee.

Participants must have their top 5 strengths available for this session. You may already have them, chose to purchase them at a discounted rate when registering for the class, or by purchasing the "Strengths Based Leadership" book linked below.